Create new music with A.I.

We've got all the music skills you need, and we use them to generate music in under a minute!

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Future of music

What if you could have a team of highly skilled artificial intelligent music composers at your disposal to write a smash hit song?

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Generate music in your favorite style with just a few clicks!

Simply plug in the title of your new song and your favorite style, and wait a few seconds for our software to generate unique music. No more having to spend hundreds of hours creating music yourself!

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Music to your next hit song.

Whether it’s about heartbreak or romance, you can be certain that it will generate the appropriate words in the proper structure for your song. If you wish you can continue generating music multiple times until you are satisfied with your new song.

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Create music using state-of-the-art A.I. technology

Music is produced via deep learning algorithms.

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“In moments you'll have completely unique and totally original music. It's so easy to use!"

BEATSBYRAMOS, Music Producer (K&G Media)

How AI is used in music?

Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in the world of music. In the past few years, AI has become a big deal in the music industry. It is being used to transform the way we create, perform, and appreciate music. The AI revolution is not just limited to one sector...

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